Alternative Ways to Use Illuminators

Time to discover alternative ways to use illuminators with Avon Brochure October 2020 Philippines! We have prepared some tips so that you can carry the illuminator to every area of your makeup instead of using it only on the high parts of your face.

Recently, highly trendy illuminators can be used for facial contouring as well as providing you with a radiant appearance by reflecting light. For anyone who loves makeup, illuminating can mean other things. As such, brands produce many different illuminators, from powder to cream.

Classical use:

First of all, you can apply your illuminator to the high parts of your face in the classical order of makeup. The most suitable illuminators for this application, liquid illuminators. You can complete your make-up by applying it to your cheekbones. And eye fountains, and you can make the high parts of your face stand out by creating a radiant look.

The glowing look in eye make-up is both a trend and provides ease of use as it makes shadow and light play. If you want, you can make your eyes look bigger by creating an awake look by applying it on top of your matte eyeshadow, right in the middle of your eyelid. In addition, you can get a nice look by applying it to your entire eyelid. Powder illuminators, which make-up lovers know well, are very suitable for this application.

Makeup base:

There is a use that glittery skin makeup lovers will love. You can get a glowing skin look by applying your illuminator under your foundation. Luminous skin make-up can be used as a nice touch to both healthy and night make-up. Stick illuminators are perfect for this application. It is possible to make a glowing skin make-up by completing your illuminator applied to your entire skin with foundation.


You can apply illuminator over your eye makeup to complement your eye makeup. In this way, you can provide a permanent glow in your eye makeup during the day. If you want, you can get a more alert look by applying your illuminator, which you can apply alone or on the headlights you use, on your lower lashes, and contribute to your eyes look larger. For this application, you can take advantage of the recently released pen-form illuminators.

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