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See the all about sheet masks with Avon Brochure June 2021 Philippines! Right now, like many people, you may be taking time for yourself at home and focusing on the issues you neglect. However, we would like to draw attention to another issue that you forget when you are at home: your skin!

Soft and Plump Skin

Smooth-looking skin also means soft skin. For a smooth appearance on your skin, in addition to cleansing, tonic, moisturizing and peeling applications that you include in your daily routine, you should also include skin mask application as much as possible. Because this step will also help greatly increase the effect of other care products. A skin that feels soft with AVON skin care masks is not a dream! We have suggestions for care masks that you can pamper yourself without sacrificing your beauty even when you are at home! Don’t forget to view Avon Catalogue June 2021! There are many good skincare products here!

They are very popular now!

While the sheet mask selfie has become the newest and funniest trend among celebrities, sheet masks themselves have long been a skincare routine in Asia. Sheet masks enjoy huge popularity for good reason. Avon sheet masks are also very popular. You can view them on Avon June 2021 Brochure PDF!

First of all, it is very easy to use. It’s a great and useful way to improve your skincare routine, especially before an event or appointment. Just tap on it and you can easily incorporate the sheet mask into your skincare routine. It is also known to bring positive results that moisturize, illuminate and smooth fine lines on the face.

While there are innovations such as seaweed masks on the market, the most common ones are those made of cotton and paper. Self-benefit cotton masks are often soaked in a serum-based formula packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. The mask prevents the rapid evaporation of water, so it can help prolong the residence time of the beneficial ingredients and be absorbed by the skin.

Avon Sheet Masks

You should be careful when applying one-dimensional sheet masks, as not all faces are the same size and shape. Starting at the forehead, align the holes in the mask with your eyes and mouth. To get the best results from the mask, you can squeeze out the residual serum in the package and apply generously to your face and neck before applying the mask. And of course, it’s best to lie down while the mask does its magic. While many people use sheet masks daily or weekly, we recommend using them three times a week or once a day for extra care.

There are some rules you should remember before applying sheet masks. A sheet mask will not dry out your skin like a clay mask, but if the sheet mask itself is drying, it will start to absorb moisture from your skin; Therefore, never sleep with a mask, otherwise you will wake up with a dry face.

Here is all about sheet masks with Avon June 2021 Catalogue! There are more beauty tips and Avon offers on the main page. Go to this page and discover more of them. Also, you can follow us on Youtube and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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