5 Tips for Autumn Skin Care with AVON

Summer is ending, autumn is at hand so we shared 5 Tips for Autumn Skin Care with Avon Brochure January 2023. As we change wardrobes with the changing seasons, we must also change skin care rituals and skin care products. 5 Tips for Autumn Skin Care with AVON

Many people don’t know or sometimes forget that their skin needs different treatments and products in different seasons. That’s why we’re giving you 5 tips for autumn skin care hacks with AVON products!

Prevent dull skin

If your sun-drenched skin looks radiant in the summer, there’s a good chance that that natural glow will turn into dull misery when autumn arrives. The sun can cause your skin to thicken. Dead skin cells are highly accumulated. The sun can also cause more pigmentation spots. Now that your beautiful tan is gradually fading, you may have a dull skin. But there is a solution for this! Check out Avon Brochure and find the most effective products!

Balance your skin with antioxidants

Even if you have properly protected your skin from the sun in the summer, your skin will be somewhat worn out. The sun causes the release of free radicals in your skin. Antioxidants fight these free radicals to prevent serious skin problems. As a result, you can use extra antioxidants to restore the good balance of your skin after the summer.

You do this by paying extra attention to antioxidant-containing foods in your diet. Antioxidants are found in products rich in vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin C and vitamin E. There are also creams containing vitamins A and E with proven antioxidant effects, provided the concentration is high enough.

Restore the natural skin barrier

The skin is constantly repairing and renewing itself. In fact, it is a constant quest to find and restore the natural skin barrier that protects your body. Each season has its own unique effects that make this challenge difficult. In summer these are mostly sun, sea, chlorine and air conditioning. T

he skin may flake and become irritated. We see skin problems such as eczema and exacerbated psoriasis in beauty salons much more often right after the summer. It is important to use creams containing moisture-retaining ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to restore the skin barrier. Many necessary products are available in AVON. If you are looking for an effective formula for your skin health, check out Avon Catalogue!

Acne Problem

More people sit in the beautician’s treatment chair because of fall acne or acne flare-ups. How is this possible? This is because the sun thickens the horny layer. Due to the excess of accumulated dead skin cells, the pores become clogged more easily. This leads to more chances of acne or exacerbation of existing acne complaints. In addition, that beautiful summer brown color made the acne less noticeable.

Now that the skin has become lighter again, the pimples suddenly become more prominent. That’s why it’s a good idea to go to a beautician to rejuvenate your skin after the summer. Want to learn more about acne treatment? Then let’s check out Avon!

Protect your skin from the sun!

The end of summer doesn’t mean you can quit your sunscreen. Autumn also has some beautiful sunny days, but sun protection for the skin is essential, even when it’s cloudy. The power of the sun is less strong. But especially harmful UV-A radiation continues to bother your skin. Therefore, add sunscreen to your morning ritual.

In cases where the sun is less strong, a product with a factor of 15 is sufficient. In addition, if you have had a peeling procedure, remember that your skin is more sensitive to the sun! So don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun. Don’t forget to check out Avon sun care products!

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