5 Personal Care Precautions Against Coronavirus

Today’s topic is about 5 Personal Care Precautions Against Coronavirus. The Covid-19 virus, which threatens the whole world, continues to spread day by day. Since it is very important to control the epidemic with caution and awareness, we have compiled what you should do against the Covid-19 epidemic. After the new type of Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the whole world was almost alarmed. So what should you do?

Basic Step: Hand Washing

As you have read in every article about this virus, hand washing is one of the precautions. Be careful to reflex wash your hands immediately after touching common or favorite objects. A small note: Don’t forget to use moisturizer for your sensitive skin.

Disinfectant Prevention

You may not always have the opportunity to wash hands. Therefore, it is a very practical solution to have a carrying-size product with you. After cleaning your hands with high alcohol formulas, what we will remind you is to take care of your hands again and again!

Not at this time when the coronavirus is on the agenda, this item is always important: Don’t touch your face! The risk of contamination and activation of microbes increases when you touch your face with your dirty hands. It should also be noted that this action leads to lubricating the skin, clogging the pores and the formation of acne.

Strategic Nutrition

This virus shows its strength more in people with low immunity. So you should pay more attention to your diet than ever before. Supporting forces and protective vitamins that increase the body’s resistance should be your priority. Check out Dilara Koçak’s nutritional recommendations for a stronger immune system.

Regular Sports and Regular Sleep

Another supporter of immunity is regular sleep and regular sports. Take care to sleep for 7 hours to renew the body’s guard. Do not forget to start sports in order to have a more fit and strong body.

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