4 Reasons To Clean Your Makeup Before Going to Sleep

This article’s topic is about 4 reasons to clean your makeup before going to sleep with Avon Brochure March 2020. You came from the outside and you were very tired, you threw yourself in bed. But you have a question, how can I not do makeup? When you sleep without cleaning the makeup, it harms your skin more than you think. One in three women wash their makeup with water, but it is not a solution.

Results When You Sleep Without Cleaning Your Skin

Bacteria, oil, dead skin cells on the pillow for 8 hours and it damages your skin. Here are the results;

1- Aging

It causes oxidative stress in skin cells with micropollutants accumulated on the face throughout the day.

2-Dull, Tired Skin

During the night, dead skin cells renew themselves. In this case, this process is interrupted and as a result, it gets a tired, dull and dry skin appearance.

3- Eye Infection

Another factor for you to clean your face is the transport of bacteria on your face. This situation causes no eye infection.

4- Inflammation

Facial wash pores can clog up before going to sleep. This can cause very serious skin diseases.

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