3-Minute Natural Summer Makeup Guide

If you like more lively and fresh looks in the summer months, you will love 3-Minute Natural Summer Makeup Guide with Avon Brochure August 2021! Follow these steps and get awesome look! Also, you shouldn’t forget to view this Avon Catalogue in detail!

In the summer, the sun’s energy affects us all. But when the intense hot weather starts to show itself, some problems can be experienced in make-up. Some of these are the flow of foundation, the dispersion of products such as blush in a short time or the decrease in the pigment of the headlights.

Use Ligth Avon Products

First of all, you should avoid using high-coverage foundations with high content for skin health in the summer months. These products leave a feeling of heaviness on your face and take you away from the natural look. It can create a feeling of layering on your skin. For this reason, you can use BB creams with concealer and radiant finish.

Neutralize skin blemishes with a sponge concealer. Then make your skin look more lively with BB cream. In this way, your face will look much more dynamic. If you are looking for light products like BB Cream, you should check out Avon August 2021 Brochure PDF! There are many of them and they are on discount now!

BB cream and pink blush duo!

The most popular and practical style among natural summer make-up techniques is the BB cream blush duo. Applying pink blush on BB cream, which you will apply in thin layers on hot days, will create a refreshed image. You can always bring naturalness to the fore with your make-up that seems to disappear. If there are spots on your face that cannot be covered with BB cream, remove the traces with concealer before applying the cream and apply BB cream on it. So you won’t have to create an extra layer like foundation.

Pink blush is the favorite cosmetic product of the summer months. It helps to look younger and livelier. If you wish, you can increase the shine and radiance by using glittery blushes. If you don’t want BB cream and blush to scatter on your face, you should be careful to use transparent powder and base. There are many good makeup powders on Avon August 2021 Catalogue. Check them and get your favorite at reasonable prices!

Makeup some eyeliner and lipstick integrity!

Blush and BB cream have a natural finish, but if you want to get a more dominant look to go out for a dinner or attend events in the summer, witness the impressive power of base, eyeliner and lipstick! First of all, let’s talk about the importance of using a base before applying skin make-up. Make-up bases increase the retention of skin products. Thus, you will not experience bleeding or dispersion during the day.

Avon Products for Natural Summer Makeup

We mentioned the importance of using a base before starting make-up. However, after the make-up is finished, using a fixing face spray adds so much value. If you are going to attend a special event during the summer or if you have oily skin and your makeup is constantly flowing and creating shine, you should definitely have a fixing spray in your makeup bag.

Since small bags are usually used in summer, make-up materials are not always with us. But in fact, you can provide a natural refreshment by just taking a lipstick with you. While applying lipstick on your lips, you can also apply it lightly to your cheeks and increase the intensity of the blush. At the same time, you can apply eyeshadow by distributing the lipstick on your eyelids. It is possible to be completely renewed with only one make-up product.

Say hello to 3-Minute Natural Summer Makeup Guide! Check out the Avon Catalogue August 2021 to browse functional lipstick products and do summer shopping at affordable prices! Also, you can view the category page and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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