2023 makeup trends with AVON

Today’s topic is about 2023 makeup trends with AVON! What awaits us in 2023 in make-up trends that have changed over the years? If you want to discover the best beauty tips and special product recommendations, let’s read it and view the Avon Brochure January 2023!

Pearl in eye makeup

We encountered many glitters such as stones and sequins in eye makeup. The new product added next to them was pearl. We loved the idea of using pearls in eye make-up, which brings elegance to our minds. Browse AVON Products for eyes and get the best at cheaper prices. You should get the best New Year deals! Don’t miss these good discounts!

Lip tint look

You can see lip tints, one of the rising products of Korean make-up trends, being used in many make-ups next season. You can get this effect when you apply a little bit of it to your lips and distribute it with the tip of your finger. There are many good products for lip in AVON! You should focus on this Avon Brochure and get the maximum results!

Colorful graphic eyeliner

For those who are bored with ordinary eyeliner and other eye makeup, it’s time for both colorful and impressive looks! If you want to create a fun look with colorful graphic eyeliners and attract attention with your eyes, 2023 is your year.

Blush applications to different points

If you are tired of the blush that you have applied to your cheekbones until today, you can change their places a little. Say “Hello” to blushes that you can use at the temples and around the eyes to complement your eyeshadow.

Dark shades of blue

We especially like the collaboration of black and blue in eye make-up. Therefore, we liked that this trend, which we think will gain great popularity in 2023, will start to rise. You can also try make-ups in these colors, especially on special occasions.

Eyebrows combed up

These eyebrows, which are combed up but not tilted after combing, will give you the effect of washing your face or just getting out of the sea. If you want your eyebrows to look thicker and natural at the same time, you can give this trend a try with your eyebrow stabilizer.

Natural finishes with blush sticks

Stick blushes that you can use in summer and winter offer both a natural finish and practicality. If you don’t want to apply it directly to your face and distribute the foundation underneath, we can also apply it after warming it at your fingertips, so you can distribute it more easily.

So here is the 2023 makeup trends with AVON! It is possible to check out more tips, deals, and product reviews on the home page. Follow us regularly!

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